Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lovely Blog/Winner of Post-Mod dress!

Thank you to the very charming, Denise of All Things New for passing on the Lovely blog award to me! 
Be sure to check out her blog and see her 60 outfits in 60s days feature!
The rules attacthed to this award are the following:
                                                     -Link back to the person who gave you this award
                                                                      -Complete the form below
-Share 7 random things about yourself 
-Nominate 3 other blogs

 So here it goes!

Name your favorite color- Yellow
Name your favorite song- I'll be your man- The Black Keys
Name your favorite dessert- Any and all chocolate
When your upset you- Pick at my nails
Your pet- Brownie, the goat.
Black or white- Both
Your biggest fear- Getting older/ Having kids
Best feature- Eyes
Everyday attitude- Everything will be okay no matter what.
What is perfection- Flaws


1. I love hotels. If I could live in one I would.
2. I buried a list of my dreams in a little tin container in my yard two years ago.
3. If my cats would put up with me, I would cuddle with them all day.
4. I get very antsy and can't stay in one place very long. I have a need to keep moving.
5. I'm constantly planning trips in my head.
6. I have been thinking more and more about getting that feather tattoo for realsies.
7. Someday I will have a closet full of lace dresses.

Other blogs I find quite lovely-

Last but not least! The winner of my Post-Mod dress from Beaks of Eagles is.......
Congrats, lady!
To everyone else, stay tuned! I will be giving away more Post-Mod dresses and racerback tees Soon!
Thank you all for entering!


  1. #1, #4 and #7. We are best friends. I swear. You just don't know it yet.


  2. Just discovered your blog, and you've got a pretty fucking amazing sense of style and a great taste in music. Wow. x

  3. Thank you so much!! I will have to work on my list!


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