Wednesday, September 4, 2013


 Cat skirt-, Vintage sweater, nordstroms blouse, Jc litas,  H&M bag

 I've been thinking about about things lately. Simple, tangible objects we surround ourselves with and use constantly in our everyday lives. things that we collect, cherish, forget we have, useless, useful, big, small, old, new things.  They always say things don't matter, but they do. They really do. These are pieces of our lives that we collect throughout the years and each one is connected to a time or a feeling we once had or felt. Things aren't everything, but they are SOMETHING. They are important and sometimes even vital. I'm not very sentimental over objects. I can give away a childhood toy easily or things I simply have no interest in, but everything has meant something, even a small something
That's why we keep boxes of trinkets and papers and charms. I was looking through some jewelry boxes recently and I found my little treasures when when I was young. They were filled with marbles, gemstones, rocks, broken pieces of bracelets, shiny things, and lisa frank stickers. These things were special or pretty enough for me to keep and keep all these years. Whether we see it or not things define a lot of who we are and how we were made that way.

Speaking of "things" thank you to for sending me this delightful cat skirt!
I adore the kitty's vacant stare. It's just the best.



  1. Nice outfit! The skirt is....absolute adorable!! <3

    Natalia xo

  2. love the tone of your looks <3

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  3. You look so adorable! That cardigan is the absolute best - the color is perfect!


  4. Love love love! This skirt is a MUST have!

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  6. GORGEOUS pictures! This skirt is just incredible!


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