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So there's this blogger...  she can can put together pieces from Bay area thrift stores to make any vintage lover jealous, she's totally gorgeous, plus her hair will make you wanna ditch those sidebangs immediatley, and I swear you will NEVER find anyone sweeter on the internet. 
This is Kathleen of Inspirafashion.
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My name is Kathleen Murillo.  I'm a 20 year old student from UC Berkeley and originally am from a small town called Hercules, yes like the greek god lol.  And I created my blog called "Inspirafashion," mainly because I wanted an outlet to share my love & passion for fashion, but also to have a way to connect with such stylish everyday girls from all over the world who really inspire me with their fashion blogs.  I was first a part of Chictopia before creating my blog which was another part of my story that inspired me to make Inspirafashion.  Inspirafashion is a mix of two words I feel really exude what my blog is all about -- Inspiration and fashion.  Two words when combined can literally create a whole other world and meaning of fashion.

How would you define your style?
Right now I'm really feeling like Mary-Kate Olsen meets Zooey Deschanel.  But those are my two major style icons haha.  I would say my style is everchanging yet at the moment it would be urban, romantic, bohemian, and thrifty.

 Who or what inspires your style the most?
As I said before, every girl, not necessarily those who need to have a high-name in fashion, but those everyday girls walking down the street or my friends or family or readers or anyone really can inspire me.  If I see a look that is creative and beautiful, I'll try to incorporate a certain piece from their look into my own everyday looks as well.

What is your absolute favorite fashion piece to wear?
I would have to say at the moment it is definitely the maxi skirt!  I am in love with the silhouette and the shape and form.  Although I am not one of the tallest girls, it certainly makes me feel really tall, esp paired with high heels! :)

I noticed you have mostly thrifted and vintage clothing. Where is your number one place to buy your clothing?
Ultimately, I feel I find amazing finds of certain categories of clothing from different thrift stores.  My favorite for accessories (bags, belts, etc.) is from Goodwill.  For good tops, skirts, cardigans, and jackets, it would definitely be Crossroads.  And recently, I discovered Wasteland Clothing, it is so amazing especially their shoe collection!  I think it really just depends on the person who goes thrifting/vintage shopping and how their taste and style is.

Out of all the recent decades, in terms of fashion, which decade do you love the most? 
This is soo hard, it is really between the 60s and the 70s.  I loove the 60s for their hippie outfits with bohemian headbands & a grungy chic vibe, but then again I love the 70's for their flared jeans and colorful prints.  Ah, but I'm in love with the 80s too!  The sequins, the leg warmers, and the big broad shoulder blazers.  As you can tell, I'm a sucker for most past eras and I think I've watched way too many movies from those times lol.
I'm a big fan of a good fringe. What inspired you to cut yours?
What inspired me was I was so tired of my side bangs, I felt like I wanted a big change for my decided to go with fringe/bangs.  But as in a certain celebrity that inspired me, would have to be Katie Holmes or Zooey Deschanel, I just love their fringe! :p

You have a long, impressive list of blogging and fashion accomplishments, how did you get into blogging?
Aww thank you! :)  Blogging happened first with Chictopia, an amazing community and network of fashion lovers from all around the world who really inspired me and gave me so much amazing support to create my blog, Inspirafashion.  From there, I was just blown away by how much feedback and love my blog was getting.  I just try to really keep my blog genuine and personal with styling and outfits I love to share and hope to inspire with my readers and any new visitors. 
                                What is your favorite part about fashion blogging?
All of your comments!!  My readers definitely keep me going..I will literally spend hours on doing a vlog post or stand in the freezing cold for a mini-photoshoot in order to do a post in a certain day -- I know it sounds extreme, but I do this because it's something I'm really passionate about and ultimately love to do.  I've also made so many lasting and wonderful friendships through blogging.  Overall, I'm so excited to be fashion blogging in the future with all of you :).
Thank you so much, Kathleen!

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