Thursday, March 22, 2012

Addicted to working- My week of shooting in LA

So I recently realized something: I am addicted to working. I absolutely love it. I almost can't stop my self from editing and networking all day. I'm constantly thinking, improving, and working at my photography. Last week I drove to LA with my best friend, Alicia, who is a makeup artist (see her videos here!) to carry out 5 days of straight shooting. I did a casting call for LA models and we recruited 5 beautiful, talented and incredibly sweet girls. And so we did a shoot a day for 5 days. Firstly, that's crazy. I had already done my stylized wedding shoot that saturday, then had an engagement shoot that Sunday. Now I was going to leave early Monday morning and continue with this crazy pattern of photography scheduling. Remember one shoot is pretty freaking exhausting. There is loads of effort that go into planning, themes, ideas and making sure everything turns out the best it can for the circumstances.
Just the worry of making sure a model would show up on time is tiring! I always have a moment after Alicia finishes up the makeup and hair, where I briefly freak out and say an inner, resounding "Don't fuck this up". Because at that point it's its really just up to me to prove to this model that she didn't waste her time driving over here on her day off. I feel like adding that bit of pressure is a good thing. Creative people thrive under pressure. So i woke up on Friday morning completely exhausted, having that oh-god-why-did-I-do-so-many-jobs-in-a-row-I'm-in-so-much-pain-right-now feeling. But I chugged some dayquil, took a couple pain pills and pushed through my last shoot at Griffith park. I was so sore, which made me realize that I do some strange poses when snapping shots. I'm flat on the ground, I'm hoping up on tables, I'm one legged against a wall. I must look very silly, but hey it gets the job done. I came back home on Saturday, feeling sick and I totally puked a couple times from exhaustion. hahah.. But everything went fairly smoothly. 
We had no flakes, no disasters, and didn't get kicked out of any locations! Yay!
So being addicted to working (and still deciding if this is good or bad) I would love to show you guys a bit of what I did last week, day by day.

Day one- Monday


Day two- Tuesday

 Day three- Wednesday
 Christina (Hammer Black)

 Day four- Thursday

Day five- Friday

That's my LA week! I still have sooooo many photos to go through and edit, so please "like" my FB fan page to see more!


  1. So talented! Your photography is astonishing! Keep posting!!!

    xo Rachel

  2. The photos and outfits look great :)

  3. You have got to be the most talented photographer. *_*
    I love these! Wish you could take my Senior pictures for me haha.
    The models were also amazing too, haha, love their outfits xD

    Trendy Teal

  4. every single one of these photos is exceptional! they have such striking shots. great models, & excellent make-up. it's good that you feel so passionate about your work. most people search their whole life for that. i just don't want you to sacrifice your health. ok?

  5. you are so talented. The photos are very amazing. I idolize you. Thanks for inspiring me. The makeup is very wonderful and the colors of the photos are very amazing


  6. wow! loving the shootings!

  7. sweetie amazing blog love your photos, thanks for your comment but my last name is not sedgwick but edie was my influence, i didn't want to put my real surname to the net sorry for that, but elli is name anyway many kisses from,

  8. Why stop when you're on a roll, which you clearly were with these wonderful pictures?

  9. I'd love to be shooting non-stop. I just love being under pressure and shooting thousands of images and spend my week editing them. That would be a dream for me!
    Your photos turn out beautifully and your make-up artist did an exceptional job!

  10. Absolutely stunning shots!!! I sooo wish I could have done a shoot with you, that would have been amazing!!!! Congrats and great job :) You are so talented :)

  11. Sounds like an absolutely amazing trip. I'm addicted to working, and know that the future is only getting brighter! So glad we found each other, lets network!

    -Imani Love
    PS The make up is flawless,she did an amazing job!


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