Sunday, March 25, 2012

Modern Mondrian

 Collection B- The white Angelina, Mondrian dress

I bought this Mondian dress at Goodwill for 3 bucks. Ive always wanted a Mondrian dress, one, because they are so 60s looking because of Yves Saint Laurent 1965 dress below

and its pretty much the epitome of colourblock, which has been huge this spring, thus again bringing around 60s fashion into modern fashion. And the second reason I wanted this dress is because I'm an art history major who has a focus on Modern Art and I love Piet Mondrian and De Stijl (the style). The whole constructivism philosophy is very interesting to me along with Mondrian's efforts in being so different from other artists especially in early developing modernism.
 (Okay you have to forgive me. I realize all I ever wear are my Litas these days but they are so god damn badass!)



  1. Great buy for $3!!! I love that YSL dress! Beautifully styled, it really suits you!


  2. Jealous! I was literally just looking at Mondrian-style dresses yesterday. The thought of making one for myself drifts into my head from time to time. You can bet it would be much harder than it looks to make it yourself though, I'm sure!

    I once had a Mondrian styling week at work too. One of my colleagues commented because I'd been wearing a different bold colour with black each day and said "you must wear Mondrian blue tomorrow". So, always up for a styling challenge, I did just that.

  3. Wow! $3?! That's amazing- what a great find. It looks fantastic on you. :)


  4. This dress is perfect for you! And $3 is quite the steal, excellent thrifting! :)

  5. You are absolutely to die for in this dress! I've always dreamed on owning Mondrian style dress, too, but figured I could never find one while thrifting...but you are so lucky to have! And for $3...? Goodness, how lucky! x

  6. Super cute dress! I can't believe you only got it for $3!


  7. What a great find! I can't imagine how excited I'd be if I stumbled upon that dress in a charity shop, and for such an unbelievable price!

  8. What an amazing find! That's an incredibly bargain and such a fun dress. You look adorable in it too.

  9. Wow, what an incredible find and at that price too? Amazing.

  10. these pictures are absolutely gorgeous! love all the color blocking!
    xo TJ

  11. Super jealous of your find! That dress is wonderful.

  12. What an awesome find and it's practically identical to the YSL version! You look great in it btw!

  13. I have a similar Mondrian dress knockoff from Forever 21 that I also found at a thrift store. And while I do love it, I can't help but dream about owning the real thing

    Great blog... I'll be following


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