Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sugar lips

My birthday is on Saturday, March 31st.
I will be 21.
I don't know how different my life will be once I'm the big two, one. I'm not really a drinker as it is, so I will just look at this as the last physical boundary to cross. It's frustrating to be told where you can't go just becuase of your age. But on Saturday March 31st that's all over.
Is 21 old? It seems a bit old.. but..
I think I've still got some good years ahead of me.


  1. I definitely thought you were older than 21! I'm 21 and I swear sometimes I still look like I'm 18 or so. It's a big deal even if you don't drink (I don't), just seems like a more 'adult' age. Beautiful photos as always! And happy birthday in advance :)

    - G. (Tulle & Combat Boots)

  2. just think, you have barely begun. :)

  3. Oooh, happy early birthday ;)
    21 is a big one!
    Can't wait till I reach mine.
    Haha, and its not old. Not in my opinion.
    Anyway, I LOVE this gorgeous Sugarlips dress! The cutout in the back sold me <3

    Trendy Teal

  4. I LOVE this dress, it looks great on you!

    My birthday is coming up, also. I'm turning twenty and I completely agree, it is really weird.



  5. You are so pretty! I'm turning 21 in less than a month and I'm super nervous. I feel like 21 is old, but I may be the only one. I think I'm just going to tell everyone I'm 19 forever. I'll have like 40 grandkids and I swear when someone asks me my age I'll tell them I'm 19.

    Anyway... I hope you have a great birthday and a better outlook on being 21 than I do :D

  6. So in love with that dress! and of course the shoes :)
    you're beautiful!

    angela - the lovely cup

  7. such warm and vibrant shots! i'm a new follower here from australia :)
    and hon't worry about your age, it really doesn't matter. it's about how you live your life that matters! hope you have a perfect birthday celebration with your loved ones

  8. Such a wonderful dress!! It seriously looks so good on you! I always love your photos too, I wish you lived closer so you could snap some shots for me :)

  9. Your blog is fabulous! And that dress is phenom <3

    -Imani Love

  10. i love the look!

  11. Very nice dress, I love the way you styled it.

    21 isn't old at all, I felt the same way a few years ago, and then you realize ... well I'll just let you realize when you get older lol :P

    Btw I'm in awe with your blog! you look like the modern day Cher!! Definitely following :)


  12. Thank you for sweet comment, do you really think, that polish is beautiful? ;D

  13. I love that dress and I love your eye makeup! *.*

  14. That dress is fantastic and you always look great with over the knee socks!
    And no! 21 is definitely not old, what would be left for me that I'm 31? Just picture it this way; you're not only growing up, you're also gaining experience, and that's something more valuable than time.

    Girls that glitter love the dark

  15. Omg!! I love you're blog! I've been looking through and all for months..i love the 1960s too and the clothes you were and come out with are amazing:) btw, my bday is March 31st also but i'm not turning 21 haha i'm much younger. Please keep updating the blog!
    Lots of love, Govinda<3

    1. Sorry for the mispellings! :0

  16. Woo! Happy 21st birthday! It's a great age to be. I definitely enjoy not being told where I can and can't go and being able to buy beverages of the alcoholic variety when and if I feel like it. I hope you have a really fun birthday!
    Also, your dress is awesome! I love the cutout back so much.


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