Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Elopement in a golden field- A stylized wedding shoot

 Here it is! 
The shoot that consumed so much of my time for the past two months! This is my stylized wedding shoot! It took some amazing vendors, makeup artist, assistants and models (and tons of stress) to put this all together and I could not be happier with it! I found the perfect, most gorgeous bride, Rebecca and my best friend, Pete was brave enough to be my handsome groom! They really sold the love idea don't you think? Haha.
I put Rebecca in my vintage 60s lace dress and I handmade Pete's bow tie.
I decided on a vintage travel theme because of all the old cameras, suitcases, books and globes that I already had, and the fact that if I were to get married this is exactly how I would do it.
Field, sunlight, theme and.. all of it really. 
Of course I'm not really one for the whole marriage concept but if it looked something as romantic, close, and full of love as this, well who knows!
This shoot turned out better than expected and I have SO many photos to still go through. My hope is to submit these to wedding inspiration sites such as Green Wedding Shoes. Wish me luck!
Anyway to see more please check out my photography page here!


  1. beautiful!!! like, extremely!! :) lol, but seriously. :) love it!

  2. These pictures are incredible! They totally look like they're in love haha

    Great job!

  3. michelle elizabeth you don't need luck, you have skill! :) these are absolutely wonderful. they will be perfect for your porfolio/website. they look like a real couple, even though we know they're not. they do look magical photos on a perfect day.

  4. Can this be my wedding? I've never been a big fan of weddings, but this just looks perfect.

  5. Oh my goodness...yup, they definitely sold the idea of marriage and love!
    I cannot believe they're not actually together! Haha, I was going goo goo eyes over this shoot and thinking how cute they look :)
    Absolutely adore these photos, the vintage travel theme is a winner to me!

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  6. It looks adorable! You have an amazing talent :) Congratulations

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  8. Oh my goodness, these photos are GORGEOUS!!! I love the props... and the lighting/sunlight is soo beautiful!!!!! Bravo!!

    xo Rachel


  9. These pictures are gorgeous and the sun makes it look so romantic. You are so talented.
    xx Jane

  10. wow these are such a masterpiece!! way too beautiful!! the lighting, the place, everything are really sweet & meaningful!!


    cheers, Izzaura

  11. These are sooooo cute! Great job! They really did sell the love idea! I was shocked when you said they weren't really a couple.


  12. Its amazing! Love it.Good work dear :)

  13. perfect photos, absolutely beautiful

  14. This photo shoot turned out beautifully! You did an amazing job. I can only hope my some-day wedding pictures are as pretty as these faux-wedding pictures!

  15. truly amazing photos, you should be proud on yourself ;) xx

  16. That's beautiful! Exactly what the theme of my wedding will be.


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