Thursday, January 13, 2011

60s Fox Friday! Edie Sedgwick

It's really about time I did a Fox Friday on my favorite style icon of all time: Edie Sedgwick.
If you don't know her she was a beautiful muse of Andy Warhol at his mid 60s studio, The Factory. Edie caught the attention of everyone in high society in New York, including Bob Dylan and Vogue Magazine.

Her style was comprised of stockings, tight mini dresses, a pair of pumps to show off her long legs, long, shoulder sweeping earrings, and a fur coat. Edie pretty much invented the mini skirt by buying little girls skirt for a quarter and wearing them.

I think the most interesting physical aspect of Edie's style was her eyes. She created an extremely dramatic look with her signature eye makeup, wearing 2 sets of false eyelashes and taking over an hour to complete.

Many songs have been written about Edie such as The Velvet Underground's, "Femme Fatal" and Bob Dylan's, "Like A Rolling Stone".

Edie appeared in many of Andy's movies, but was soon overcome by heavy drug usage. Everyone knew them as Edie and Andy and sometimes the newspapers had a hard time telling them apart. They truly loved each other as much as their short time as friends allowed them.

Factory Girl-
A movie that came out in 2006. Which is kind of a "fictional reality" about Edie Sedgwick.
I don't agree with 99% of the casting in the movie.
Ugh and freaking GUY PIERCE as Andy Warhol was a TERRIBLE casting move.
I would even dare to say that David Bowie did a better Warhol in the 1996 movie "Basquiat".
But I think Sienna Miller did a adequate job considering the depth of Edie's character.
But ANYWAY that is an angry rant for another time and another post. I, at least, enjoyed the fashion in the movie... which, again, was somewhat actuate.

I was also Edie for Halloween :)

So I could go on for days about Edie and all of her fashion and life, but I think her photos do most of the talking.


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