Wednesday, January 19, 2011

And some kinds of love are mistaken for vision.

I never really write a lot on my blog. But I think I'm going to write something I strongly believe in: My eyes. Your vision is something everyone takes for granted everyday, but it's SO important. Vision shows you the most beautiful things in the world. And EVERYTHING is beautiful. We are so lucky to be able to see it, (whatever it may be.) Every day I walk outside my house I am amazed by what I see all around me. The way that the afternoon drowns all the small red, brown, and white houses in a haze of light deep into the valley below. The sweet and comforting face of my goat grazing through bright green grass. I've seen some truly incredible things and that is all thanks to those eyes that are irreplaceable. Treasure them they are the greatest source of optimism.

But back to the fashion...

Cardigan-H&M, Velvet body suit-Material girl, Skirt- Forever 21, Platform heels- Kimchi Blue, Bag- Forever 21

Andddddd here's a little something to prove that I do smile! A lot. :)
Best friends!

*All photos taken by myself and my friend, Bibbles.


  1. Found your blog through weardrobe! Love this post. I think vision is definitely something we take for granted, so it's always great to be reminded of how special it is. I also totally love your cardigan and heels!

    xx Melina
    .but i like it.

  2. What a cute look makes me wish it was summer.

    d x


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