Monday, December 26, 2011

Adventure calls with unknown voices.

 Forever 21 coat, shirt, and black dress, Shoes- Jeffery Campbell, vintage beret

 So I've been a bit spoiled this Christmas. I have a great, giving family and thoughtful, generous friends. 
What the hell.
I really don't think I deserved the amount or quality of incredible gifts I received, but I'm really thankful. We give gives to our loved ones on holidays, not because we are expected to but because we want to. We do this to give a silent reminder to that we are grateful for them, celebrating another year together. Obvious point there. But at Christmas time nothing is better than watching everyone slowly open their gifts, laughing and smiling, while Michael Buble's holiday Cd plays in the background. Just being together is the best gift.. as cheesy as that sounds. 
So, in an effort to dig back into the shallow blogging world here's some sweet gifts I received,
Bubble machine, freakin 7 seasons of Seinfeld, tons of pretty forever 21 dresses, Two Faced makeup, Warhol calenders, tons of over the knee socks, candy galore, Apples to Apples, New Orleans swag, jewlery, and soooo much more. 
But two really amazing things that I was not expecting came from two of my best friends.
From Bibbles, (the cute mexican roommate) I got the above pair of black Jeffery Campbell Litas! That was really unexpected and crazy thoughtful. The guy knows style, for sure.

The other gift came from my good friend Pete (cute guy with great hair and eyebrows), who went way overboard and bought me my dream dress! The Rachel Antonoff Crimson and collars dress-

I mean holy crap, Batman. 
That's amazing.
Again, thank you to everyone who made my holiday the best ever. 
I'm so happy!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

On the Eve

 Dress- Forever 21, vintage coat, Urban outfitters bag, thrifted shoes

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A walk through the Christmas trees

 Forever 21 cardigan, boots and skirt, Urban outfitters tights

*All photos of me taken by Pete Picchi- His Blog

I finished up a shoot yesterday of a male model at a local mission, and then decided to hop over to an adorable Christmas tree farm with my friend Pete. I haven't done a shoot with him yet and I think he did such a great job! We're driving to Santa Barbara Tomorrow for a nice big ol Christmas shopping day! Photos to follow!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Half of my heart

 Velvet blazer- H&G in slo, boots and skirt- Forever 21, Bow blouse- LC
 Today was my last day at my College in SLO, Cuesta.
I said goodbye to my art history teacher, my art history seat that I've coveted for two and a half years and 5 classes of nothing but 30,000 years of art. I was very excited when I realized that I was all finished with my AA Art history degree and I could attend the Academy of Art in SF next fall, but today was difficult. I aced both my finals and walked down that art department hallway with heavy heels. When I turned around in the parking lot to take a last look, it was a nostalgic time of day when the sun was low and glowing on the side of the white auditorium. 
And that school has never looked better. 
I'll miss it.

Monday, December 12, 2011

1960s lover gifts!

1. An Education- A film set in the 1960s about a London school girl who meets an older man and becomes involved in a dangerous and exciting romance.

2. The Beatles Christmas Album- Because.. well it's Christmas.. and a little vinyl never hurt anyone.

3. A classic mini shift dress- Peter pan collar? Bow? Pattern? Every girl likes a dress.

4. Andy Warhol pop art print- if your friend happens to love the 60s and is in serious need of some occupied white wall space, this is the gift.

5. I'm One:21st century Mods- A really interesting book about real life young brits who still rock the 60s Mod style.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bows on Brownie.

 The flying tomato leopard coat, velvet 60s mini dress, Steve madden shoes, Urban outfitters satchel.

Not only is brownie the cutest little goatie I have ever laid my eyes on but brownie with a bow? Come on. That's just a cute overload.
Ive gotten pretty much all my shopping done for Christmas and beyond. Which is nice because I can just focus on finals and decorating my house... which really looks amazing. My house around this time of the year is really beautiful and inviting. Constant xmas music playing, lights strung up EVERYWHERE, chilly air to keep the tree alive, and snoozing kitties! Okay, that last one is a basic everyday occurrence but I'd like to think that they sleep a little better knowing its the holidays and even their little kitty stockings will be filled.
Next blog post will be all about what to get that 60s lover for Christmas!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Winter Mod

Dress- Mod Cloth, Boots- ASOS, Beret- Topshop, Coat- Warehouse UK

Hop on your vintage scooter with this winter mod look! Complete with white peter pan collar peacoat, mod cloth green scooter dress, a unique leopard beret, over the knee socks and some kick ass Chelsea boots! What better way to keep warm than looking fly, 60s style!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Book Box DIY

Whoa.. why hello very neglected blog! ...Well this is awkward... I know I have been around for awhile, but its only because I've been so very busy with my school finals and the upcoming holidays. Things are wacky these days but so very special at the same time. I'm hoping to get caught up on some looks and 60s inspiration very soon, BUT in the mean time I made a DIY especially for you! 
It's a vintage looking book box, an idea that I've been wanting to try for awhile.

What you'll need-
-A cool looking book you're willing to cut up
-Box cutter/exacto knife
-Strong, clear drying glue ( I used mod podge)
-a large paintbrush
- A ruler and a pencil

Find a cool book. I used Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner which I bought
at a local vintage book shop.

 Close the book but leave out the front hard cover and the first page.
Slather on your glue along the outside pages with the paintbrush. 
Make sure your pages are flat all together so when it dries the pages will be stuck
together creating a big chunk.

 Using the ruler, measure about a half and inch on each edge and mark. Then draw a long line that cuts through your marks. This will make a rectangle, which you will then carefully cut through.

Slowly you will keep cutting down through every page until you reach the back cover.
This will take awhile and you'll have plenty of ragged edges on the inside.

 Finally, tear up the pages that you have already cut out to make the bottom of your box. 
Spread more glue down and randomly place the words wherever you like, making sure that 
the entire inside is covered.

 And there you have it! A book box! This makes an excellent gift box or just a gift!
I think I'm going to further make mine into a clutch with an interesting gold clasp to keep it closed.
If you make it, let me know how it goes!