Monday, May 20, 2013

Lavender Adventure

 Lavender maxi skirt c/o- OASAP
Kimchi and blue silver flats, H&M hat, Forever21 denim jacket, Claire's backpack

Thank you to OASAP for sending me this wonderful maxi skirt! I have pretty much been sporting it non stop lately because it's been so warm here. It flows so magically in the breeze and has such a wonderful calming colour. I actually planning on using it in my photo shoot this Thursday, so I will be posting that here as well!
(My kitty, Saphi joined me in some of theses photos. I think eventually my readers will have virtually met all 5 of my kitties haha)

I just had ana amzing weekend with my boyfriend, Pete. We had our little adventure and shot a wedding together. We celebrated our 2 year anniversary of when we met. 
May 18th 2011.
Still feels like last night.
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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Adore Me Corset

                                                                  Corset- AdoreMe

Finally I'm able to do a post! Has anyone else been having trouble with blogger? It took me a week to be able to post something! So good thing I have quite the new post! The lovely ladies at Adore Me sent me this gorgeous corset set! I wanted to shoot this piece because I think the colour is fantastic and it fits me perfectly. It's excellent at enhancing a woman's natural hour glass shape!
I'm a pretty modest person, so the idea of posting me in lingerie on the internet is a bit daunting, so I cropped my images a bit so it's not too revealing. (Don't get me wrong, I like my body and I'm comfortable in it, I'd just like to retain some class and not throw it all out there haha)
I would totally recommend all my readers to check out Adore Me. They have such a wide range of lingerie sets at extremely reasonable prices, plus if you buy 5 sets, your sixth is free!
Although I would have someone else help you tie up the back. I did mine myself and I had a lot of trouble making a pretty bow!
I know everyone wants a corset so now is the perfect time to put on in your virtual shoppin cart!

I also added some images of my kitty, Andy to sweeten up this spicy post! Hahah