Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Crowned Bird- NBC's Design Star!

Hey everyone! I really would love for you all to meet Priscilla!
She is the beautiful face behind her fashion line, Crowned Bird!
She will be on the coming season of NBC's Design Star!
Here is a little interview with Priscilla so you can get to know he better before you root for her to win! 
1. How did you get started in fashion design?
Got a scholarship to FIDM while attending Art Institute of San Francisco. I started out wanting to explore industrial design -all I really wanted to do was make doorknobs or our necessary everyday items colorful, interesting and fun.

2. Where did you find your inspiration for your new Spring 2013 line?
Inspiration for spring came quickly. I cam across a lot of watercolor hand-dyed batik cotton from Thailand and knew right away I wanted to run in that direction of faded bleeds and vintage playgrounds. I thought of the simplicity of watercolors, polka dots, and plaids as a kid and how happy that made me. Everything is a trip down memory lane with me. It always comes from a place of novelty.

3. Who is your biggest fashion icon and why?
I like to say if Zooey Deschanel and Audrey Hepburn had a style child it would be me. Audrey is many people's classic go-to because she represents the way a modern woman wants to be perceived -well put together and embracing of female innocence. Although it is unlikely we revert back to those 1950s trends entirely, it is very likely that men and women become a bit more dandy in the future.

4. What is your favorite 1960s trend?
High waisted everything.

5. Being a designer, and obviously fashionable, at the end of your day what do you wear to sleep?
This is great. A moment of truth. I am actually really bad about falling alseep in my clothes. Need to work on that going forward...but if I had a concious choice it would be a silk vintage slip or American Apparel bloomers to bed.

6. Where did the name, "Crowned Bird" come from?
It evolved from my grandmother's embroidery, into a sketch, out of a symbol, that lead into a name. But in short, the meaning is to "Be the Queen of Your Own Universe and Fly Free Amongst the Stars".

7. What are you most looking forward to being on the new season of NBC's Fashion Star?
I am really looking forward to working with Nicole Richie and discovering the other talents on the show. My story is a powerful one and I really want to share my style and lighthearted approach to fashion with the world. Fashion Star is being shown in over 170 countries this year so it's overwhelming to think about having an impact on so many people. But I love it. Excited for it all!

8. What is the one fashion item you never leave the house without?
It's a toss up between red lipstick and sunglasses. Tough choice.

Dress: Los Angeles Vintage
Hat: Dallas Vintage
Boots: Los Angeles Vintage
Tights:  American Apparel
Sunglasses:  H&M
Model: Priscilla Barroso
Photographer:  Heather Gildroy
Location: Echo Park
Inspiration: Spaghetti Western

Thank you, Priscilla and good luck on the show!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Winter Walk

 Skirt, bag and sweater- Forever 21, sweater- Nordstroms, vintage beret

 I have never really been in snow before..
 never the less falling snow, so my trip to South Lake Tahoe earlier this month for my boyfriends birthday was incredible. Feet of snow were already on the ground when we arrived and I couldn't have been happier. The air was so crisp and cold. I barely ever felt chilly (except maybe when I had a very one sided snowball fight with Pete..haha)
We took drives, ate some inspired pub food, took a gondola up the snow steeped mountains for a panoramic view of the Lake.
My next post will have photos from expirencing my very first snowfall! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Campbells and Campbells (Resolutions)

Jeffrey Campbell spiked litas, Nordstrom thigh highs, Campbells soup shirt, forever 21 skirt and purse, Collection B Jacket

2013 didn't start off in the greatest way for me. 
My New Years Eve was disappointing and I let it get to me. Plans fell through, I got ditched (the second time in a row) by someone who is supposed to be a best friend, and I was just in a crappy mood overall. I sometimes put too much pressure on a special day or event and when things don't exactly work out like I imagined, I get cold and loose all interest. I have two great boys in my life who really helped me pull out of it though. I hope they know how much they mean to me and I see all the effort they put in to try to make me happy. Thanks, guys. <3 p="p">
New years day was better though. I began 2013 by doing two bridal shoots for a makeup artist/hairstylist at Hepkat, a local salon in SLO. I will be posting photos from those sessions this weekend!
Carrying on like I do every year, I decided to post my New Years Resolutions. I'm proud that I always manage to finish most of them 6 months in, but this time I wanted to be really specific to push myself even more. 
So here are my 5 goals-

1. Buy a new Zeiss Lens.
2. Be in at least three magazines this year (topping my two last year)
3. Do a short intern for a fashion/portrait photographer in another city.
4. Contact 10 clothing companies about doing fashion lookbooks for them.
5. Be more open.

The fifth might seem like a cop-out but its something I need to work on and though it may be too general that is just the point.

I'm optimistic about this year, and I'm looking forward to working hard on what I love.