Friday, August 30, 2013

90s kid

 Denim circle skirt c/o-, Urban Outfitters red satchel, H&M sweater, Lulus t-straps

Thank you to Chicnova for sending me this adorably 90s denim skirt! 
As a 90's kid myself its kinda interesting to see all these 90s fashions coming back into style. Denim everything, gellies, overalls, Disney apparel, highwaisted shirt, and shorts, cutoffs, tying a plaid tee around your waist, platforms, grungy sweaters, middle parts, long, wavy-dont-care hair. 
Pretty much everyone has been dressing like a Spice Girl.
 Just go check out lookbook right now. All the 90s trends are sweeping the closets of young women. I've been doing my fair share of watching old Nickelodeon Tv at night too. Hey Arnold, All That, Kenan and Kel, even an episode of The Angry beavers.. which by the way is JUST awful. Its funny how you can go back and watch these shows from your childhood and really see how crappy that always were. By the way have you ever noticed that when people talk about Hey Arnold, they always call the main character Hey Arnold? "Remember when Hey Arnold and Gerald skipped school and totally missed out on the school fun fair day?" "Remember that episode when Hey Arnold always had to pass the ball to Tucker?"
If you didn't understand any of that, chances are you're too young.


Wednesday, August 28, 2013


 highwaisted denim cut offs-, cardigan and punk skirt- Forever 21

Thank you to Oasap for these fun shorts! I'd probably only ever wear them with tights becuase.. well.. they are SHORT. Dang. But they do have these badass studs and they kinda make me feel badass. (Even if they show my ass hah)
I realized that I hardly ever share my photography work on my blog. I think I should start. My work is such a huge part of my day and my life. Most of the photos I share with you guys are of me but not taken by me.
I'm a photographer.. you all remember that right? haha
I think I will start posting some of my recent shoot and see what you think!
Maybe we can talk photography with each other!


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Painted Lady

 Butterfly lace dress c/o-

 Let's fly away in this dress... Thank you Chicwish for sending me this amazing piece!
I feel like I've been very busy and stressed this week working on a big shoot I have this Sunday. But I'm very very stoked to get my new 50mm lens on Friday! Its been over a year since I bought a lens, not to mention a crazy expensive one.(Luckily I don't have to pay rent haha!)
 But the spurge will be work it once I see the images I take with it.
I might even have to retire my 85mm for awhile until I can have a good long play with my new baby!

Prepared for some nifty fifty looks in the future!


Monday, August 19, 2013

Late Summer Persunmall Wishlist!

 In honor of welcoming my new sponsor,, I wanted to put together a little late summer wishlist of products from their site! My list contains a lot of floral patterns in lightweight fabrics or colours. They are sweet and subtle with classic and feminine details. They are light and fun with a vintage twist. I cannot wait to start my Partnership with Persunmall!

This dress is So 60s! Love love love.  

This would be great some some sapphire skinny jeans.

This just looks like its got wet oil paint all over it. So great.

 Floral boots
Although these aren't REALLY my style, the bad-ass boot mixed with a vintage floral print is lovely.

 Kiss blouse
Come on. This is adorable.

This dress is happy like a nautical summer day.

Pleated skirt
Again, very 60s looking and I love the pleats.

Check out much more on Persunmalls's website and find something for your last late summer days!!


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Back to School Saturday fashion event!

 These are just a couple snapshots from the Collection B/ Teen Vogue Back to school fashion event I was apart of last weekend! (The lighting was terrible, so please forgive me!) I had so much fun at the Grove and was super freakin nervous to talk in front of so many people but I think I pulled it off! I talked about how to take a great profile photo with either a smart phone or a "big" camera (DSLR) and then I did a little presentation on styling a Collection B jacket from day to night! A boy band, After Romeo, came and sang a little song to the audience and Michelle Meyer, the style editor of Teen Vogue curated the whole event. She was a sweetheart with a seriously major list of accomplishments!

Thanks again to the adorable ladies who came out!